Smiles by Design, Inc. answers frequently heard questions:

How does oral sedation dentistry work?  Sometimes called “comfortable or relaxation” dentistry, oral sedation medication can help make things go very smoothly. Taken by mouth, the oral sedation medication given by Dr. Minocha allows more work to be accomplished in less time, all with great quality.

How can I prevent tooth decay and gum disease?  Dr. Minocha believes in educating all of her patients for prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. You’ll learn why things happen, receive the tools you need, and gain insight on having the proper diet and brushing techniques.

How does fluoride help prevent tooth decay?  Fluoride disrupts bacteria’s ability to metabolize sugars, the process which attacks tooth enamel. The use of fluoride actually strengthens teeth, and reverses early stages of tooth decay.

What are the stages of gum disease? How is it treated?  In its early stages, gum disease is an infection called gingivitis. This is simply treated by clearing plaque and tartar. If left untreated, gum disease in its later stages can lead to bone loss and even loss of teeth. Dr. Minocha can treat any stage of gum disease, and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

How does professional teeth whitening work? Is it safe?  Professionally-supervised teeth whitening systems, like the simple process offered by Dr. Minocha, are widely considered to provide the safest cosmetic dentistry treatments. A specially formulated material allows oxygen to permeate tooth enamel, lifting stains.  The structure of the tooth enamel is not affected.

My teeth are crooked. What are my options?  There are many solutions, including orthodontics that use plastic aligners to shift teeth into place. Composite bonding and porcelain veneers are also possible solutions, both of which do not require wearing braces. Find the treatment that is right for you through a free consultation with Dr. Minocha. Call Smiles by Design, Inc. at (513) 697-7888.

If I am missing one or more teeth what are my options?  Modern cosmetic and restorative dentistry has come to favor dental implants because they look and function just like real teeth and require no special care.  Dental bridges offer an optional solution. A consultation with Dr. Minocha will help determine the best solution for your individual situation.

What is bonding? Bonding is a tooth-colored material that looks like the enamel of your teeth. It is used to improve the color of a tooth, or close unsightly gaps.

How are crowns used? Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of a material like porcelain, that can be placed on the top of a tooth to restore its function and appearance, attach bridges, cover implants, or prevent a cracked tooth from becoming worse.

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