Zoom! Whitening


Zoom! whitening is a bleaching process that lightens the color of your teeth.  Zoom! Whitening is an in office system in as little as one appointment, you can change the color of your teeth by 6 to 8 shades with little or no sensitivity.  During the process, you can just sit back and relax.

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No Insurance?  No Problem.  We offer an Affordable Smiles By Design, Inc. Dental Plan

For as little as $199 a year, you can enroll in our in-office dental plan. 

No red tape, no filing of claims, no denials.  It gets better. 

No maximums, No Waiting Period, No Deductibles, No Pre-Existing Condition Clauses.

For $199 a year, you will receive 2 dental exams, 2 cleanings, and your needed x-rays for the year.

Have a spouse or dependent that needs affordable dental care? 

No problem, we will offer the affordable dental plan to your spouse or dependent for less than $199 a year.

And if you happen to need additional dental work, we will offer you special discount on any needed work.

We are committed to offer comfortable, affordable dentistry and helping you and your family keep smiles for a lifetime!